I don't know about you, but I'm an absolute slave to my moods. When I am happy, I am productive and feel capable of taking on the world, but everything changes the second my mood turns. Annoyed, angry, sad - anything even remotely negative and I shrink away from life. I don't want to do anything besides hide in my bed, abusing my Netflix account. Unfortunately, negative emotions are just a part of life and I've had to learn to cope with them otherwise I'd never get anything done.

Here's a list of 10 things to do when you're in a bad mood!

1) Remove yourself from the situation 

Most of the time, your bad mood will be triggered by something and in this case, it really is best to just remove yourself from the situation. If you've seen something annoying on social media, put your phone down. If you've just had an argument with someone, leave the room. Putting distance between yourself and the cause of the bad mood gives you space to calm down.

2) Go for a walk or another form of exercise you enjoy

When something annoyed me, I used to go outside for a cigarette and walk round the block while doing so. I don't smoke anymore, but going through the motion of leaving a building and using my legs has the same calming effect. Just shoving my headphones on and giving myself time to think can give me some much needed perspective and I rarely return from a walk without a greatly improved mindset.

3) Pamper yourself

When the Sunday night dread sets in, nothing makes me feel more capable of handling the week ahead than a full blown pamper session. I'm talking face mask, hair treatment, manicure, the whole lot!

4) Make sure you've eaten enough and feel hydrated

I've lost count of the number of times I've felt really horrible just to realise I've forgotten to eat recently or I haven't had enough water that day. There's nothing like properly fuelling your body to eradicate any sign of a bad mood.

5) Create a bad mood playlist and listen to it

Sometimes, when I'm in a bad mood, I like to co-operate with it and I'll put on a loud, shouty, angry playlist to really let myself feel it. It's a nice healthy way of channeling my rage.

6) Create a cheer up playlist and listen to it 

Other times, I find it more productive to listen to a "cheer up" playlist that actively improves my mood. My current favourite is my "Benidorm Memories" which is a playlist of songs me and my sister listened to when we were on holiday earlier this year. It instantly makes me feel a bit happier!

7) Cuddle someone/something

If you've got a partner, ask them for a cuddle. If you have a pet, cuddle them. If, you're tragic like me and have neither of these options, a duvet works nicely!

8) Vent

If something specific has triggered your bad mood, vent about it. I find having an actual, real live, understanding person is the most effective thing but this isn't always possible, so write it down somewhere. It can sometimes help to write it all down on paper and then destroy that paper!

9) Treat yourself

Provided your bad mood isn't triggered by financial stress, I find it can be very therapeautic to treat yourself. If you've been lusting after something for ages, just get it! You deserve it. Although with this, it's worth noting you should do this every time you feel a bit rubbish!

10) Just accept it 

Moods are as changeable as the weather - one minute it's absolutely chucking it down, then suddenly, the clouds clear, the sun comes out and everything's great again. Sometimes it's just no good to try and fight a bad mood, so if you're in one, just accept it, let it happen - it will go away eventually!

What do you need to do when you're in a bad mood? Any more tips to add?