I was recently lucky enough to be invited to a taster evening at the new branch of The Real Greek restuarant in Reading. I've only ever eaten at a Greek restaurant once before in my life so I was very excited to give it another try. I don't know much about Greek food beyond halloumi, so it was great to see what it's all about and try something new!

On arrival to the restaurant, which is situated on the highly desirable Waterfront outside The Oracle, I was greeted by smiling, friendly staff before being shown to a group of tables I could choose from. I chose one of the marble topped tables because hello, major blogger goals! After sitting down, I was asked if I wanted a drink and a manager kindly helped me choose a white wine that was perfect for my tastes. I also asked for some water and rather than being brought an ordinary glass, I was given a cute little jug with springs of mint in it. It became very clear I was going to like this restaurant a lot

Whilst perusing the menu, the chef for Greek food in the UK came to sit at my table for a bit: Tonia Buxton. She was clearly very passionate about Greek food and I felt confident she knew what she was talking about after asking me what kind of food I usually like and talking me through the menu. I was pretty sure exactly what I wanted to eat, but I let the lovely Tonia choose some dips for me: the houmous and the Green Pea Fava. These are not things I usually go for but the houmous was absolutely divine and the green pea fava was pretty good too. I went for crudites rather than bread which helped me feel particularly virtuous. 

What particularly delighted me about The Real Greek however, was the mezzes. If you've ever had a conversation about food with me, you will know that I'm a huge fan of tapas and I was delighted to see something similar at The Real Greek. Rather than one large main course, you are able to choose 3-4 smaller dishes, called mezzes. I get very full, very quickly so this style of eating suits me very well. I went for a Greek salad, the grilled octopus and the grilled halloumi. The salad was fresh and nutritious and naturally I loved the halloumi. I'd never actually tried octopus before so it was a bit adventurous of me to order it, but wow! I really liked it. 

Finally, to finish, I had a lemon sorbet with watermelon. At the time of my visit, The Real Greek was celebrating its own watermelon month and had watermelon imported all the way from Athens. Now, I'm not normally a huge fan of watermelon but this blew me away. It was so fresh, sweet and juicy. Paired with the lemon sorbet, it was a highly refreshing and enjoyable dessert. 

I'm so glad The Real Greek has come to Reading, I really think it's the perfect addition to the Waterfront restuarants. The team there are friendly and knowledgeable and the food is a very high standard. If there's a Real Greek near you, make sure you pay a visit!

Please note: I was invited to experience a meal at The Real Greek Reading free of charge in return for blog and social media coverage but my opinions in this blog post are very much genuine. You can read my full disclaimer if you wish!