One of my favourite concealers of all time is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Unfortunately, I am not alone in this opinion and on more than one occasion, I've been to town to buy a new one just to find that it's out of stock in my shade everywhere. On such occasions, I am forced to venture into unknown territory and try a new concealer. This time, I decided to give the NYX Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer a go.

A few things drew me to this particular choice - I've never had concealer in a squeezy tube before and I thought it would work really well with the mini beauty blenders I have, it's got coconut oil in it and it's waterproof - perfect for hayfever season!

So how is it? The formula feels wonderful and hydrating and unlike the Collection concealer, it doesn't dry my skin out at all. It's also very brightening, as you can see in the photo above. Unfortunately, I have concerns about its lasting power - it does tend to fade by the end of the day and when it does, it just makes my dark circles even more prominent! Despite this, it gives nice, medium coverage and it works well on blemishes as well.

I'm not sure I'll repurchase when I run out, but this is by no means a bad concealer. If you've got mild under eye circles and want a brightening concealer for a night out, I would recommend this to you.

I'm thinking of trying the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer next, how about you?