Does anyone else have a few dresses that they absolutely love yet for some reason, completely neglect to wear? Today's post is all about one of my dresses that just doesn't get enough air time!

Outfit Details: 
Dress: Boohoo
Shoes: Primark 

I've had this pink velvet Boohoo dress for years now and yet this is its debut on the blog! When I first bought it, I was totally dazzled by it and expected to wear it all the time and then...I just didn't. I think it's because it doesn't look great with tights, but because it's velvet-like material, wearing it on warm days doesn't feel right either? 

However, when I was packing for Benidorm, I saw it hanging in the part of my wardrobe that seems dedicated to clothes I won't get rid of but never wear and decided it was time to give this little dress one last shot at getting into my regular wardrobe rotation. 

I still doubt I'll be wearing it during the winter, but I am happy to say I've got over the aversion to wearing this on hot days. Despite being velvet-like material, it's very light and has no sleeves so it was actually perfect for the warm Benidorm evenings - I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. 

I decided to go light on accessorising with this outfit. The velvet and the statement collar on this dress do all the talking so I just popped some white shoes on to go with the collar and voila - evening meal outfit done!

Do you have any dresses that you really should wear more often?