Although I seem to be reading very slowly at the moment, the amount of TV I watch seems to be increasing massively. A lot of weekly shows I was watching ended in July - some more satisfactorily than others, but I also managed to binge a few new series too.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7
The final ever season of this epic show following the lives of four girls whose lives are turned upside down when their friend goes missing and they start receiving anonymous texts

I've invested a lot of my life into Pretty Little Liars. I found the first two seasons so intense, so gripping, so brilliant. After that, things got...interesting. Obviously I liked it enough to stick around until the end but at the same time, I don't know why. I stopped believing any of the explanations after season two and by the final epsiode...well, it became immediately apparent that this show was never thought out. There was no end goal. It was definitely just made up as it went along. There were so many gaps. So many things didn't make sense. I was actually bored during the final episode and then I was just annoyed.

All that aside, I'm really gonna miss having Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily in my life.

The 100 Season 4
The fourth season of a post-apocalyptic drama that begins when 100 criminal children are sent to Earth from a space station to see if its habitable just under 100 years after a nuclear war 

I'm a sensitive soul. I get upset easily and I'm deeply affected by things that don't appear to even register on the radars of other people. And yet, I insist on watching TV that tackles serious issues and has a lot of brutal violence and death in it. The 100 is just one of of these shows. But, it's brilliant. It's fantastical enough that I can watch it without being too disturbed, but great characters die so there's still an element of real life to it. I though that perhaps by now, the storyline would be getting tired but season five looks like it's gonna be awesome. Those cliffhangers though...! 

Doctor Who
Do I even need to introduce Doctor Who?

WHAT A SEASON. I haven't really enjoyed Doctor Who since Donna Noble was a companion but I've stuck with it. Amy Pond and that other one...Clara just really annoyed me and it's got to the point now where nothing at all makes any sense any more but they can get away with it, cos TIME TRAVEL.

However Bill Potts was a breath of fresh air. Not only is she the first openly gay companion, but she is also the first companion I've liked in ages. She was funny, kind, flawed, HUMAN. I also didn't find Matt Lucas as annoying as I expected him to be. She definitely deserved better and I'm sooooo sad she won't be around next season.

BUT...FEMALE DOCTOR. So I guess I'll get over it...! Is it Christmas yet?!

The League of Gentlemen's Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith's creation. A group of weirdos are linked by the time they spent in an institution together and a secret they share. 

As a teenager, I loved the League of Gentlemen. I remember when Psychoville came out and I was so excited to have Pemberton and Shearsmith in my life again. Unfortunately, that's all I remember. I did watch Psychoville when it was originally on TV, but I just don't remember what happened in it at all so I decided to rewatch.

While I admit I found it amusing and I laughed a bit - I just can't enjoy it as much as I must have done first time round. I'm a lot more aware of mental health now and this turns it into a joke. It's very insensitive and downright inappropriate at times.

The League of Gentlemen
A black comedy series following the lives of various inhabitants in the fictional town of Royston Vasey - all played by Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton

Although I find Psychoville hugely problematic, I still ended it with a desire to rewatch The League of Gentlemen and I'm glad I did, because Netflix has the Christmas Special which amazingly, I've never actually seen before.

Unfortunately, like Psychoville, there are hugely problematic things in this TV show which meant I just couldn't enjoy it as much this time round. I can also confirm that season three is still rubbish, which is an opinion I've held since I was a teenager.

Riverdale is a quiet, peaceful, friendly town - until one half of the Blossom twins goes missing. A group of teenagers become determined to find out the truth of what happened

With the end of Pretty Little Liars, there was a definite hole in my life when it comes to American teen mysteries. My sister had already watched Riverdale at this point and was begging me to do the same, so I did. I'm kicking myself for not just doing it sooner because I think it's awesome. I love the characters, I need Cheryl and Veronica's wardrobes and I like how when the mystery was solved, it actually made sense. I am on tenterhooks for season 2!

Girl on the Train (film)
A girl rides the train every day and fantasises about the lives of a couple she rides past every day - until one of them goes missing

I read the book Girl on the Train while I was in hospital and thought it was pretty good. Although I rarely watch films, I've been finding myself in the mood to watch them more and more recently and when I saw this was available to Amazon Prime members, I thought I'd give it a go. It's a pretty good adaptation, and I like the way they handle all the revelations. I admit I was a little bored though.

Vampire Academy (film)
A vampire princess and her protector are caught after running away and forced to go back to a special school for vampires

I realise that description makes it sound awful and cheesy, and yes, the film was awful and cheesy but oh my god, I loved it! I'm desperate to read the books it is based on now and I'm really sad there probably won't be a sequel to this film. If you're into cheesy teen supernatural romance thrillers you'll probably love this.

What have you been watching recently?