For a beauty blogger, I was surprisingly late to the brows party and it was only a few years ago that I actually started doing anything to them other than getting them waxed every now and again. However, now that I've started experimenting with different types of brow products, the thought of not filling my eyebrows fills me with horror!

I'd seen a few beauty bloggers using the NYX Sculpt and Highlight Brow Contour pencil, which is a brow pencil and highlighting pencil in one. It looked pretty cool so I thought I'd give it a go.

On an embarrassingly regular basis, I don't get up early enough to add eyeshadow to my nail makeup routine, which is a shame, because I think a highlighter under your brow arch can really make them pop. That's why this nifty little NYX pencil appealed to me - it meant I could quickly add a highlight to my brows when I don't have time to do a full eye makeup look.

Unfortunately, the pencil was a little disappointing. Both the highlighting and the filling in side broke off before I could use them. Because the formula is so soft, I could smush the pencils back together meaning I got a lot of use out of this product but the softness also means I don't like reaching for this product on warmer days as it's harder to use a melting product. I've since realised that me and retractable products just don't get along - I much prefer pencils you can sharpen so that's the way I'm going in the future.

Criticisms aside, I did like this product. It's a great concept and on cold days where the pencil was firm, I could get a strong brow look I was really happy with. The filling in side was a good match for my brows, whilst the highlight side, although quite subtle, gave my brows a little extra lift.

I won't be repurchasing this product simply because I've sworn myself off from retractable pencils, but if you have better luck with them then I do then I think this is a neat little brow product that's worth a try.