When I first made the decision to move away from Swindon, I had two places to choose from: Basingstoke or Reading. I was initially leaning towards Basingstoke as I was much more familiar with it and the buses to work run a lot more frequently, but the more time I spent in Reading, the more I realised it was the town for me. One of the things that drew me towards Reading was the number of restaurants available, particularly those on the Riverside. It's been a year and a few months since I moved to Reading now and I'm slowly but surely eating my way around the town; so, when an invite to go and try some tapas at Giraffe World Kitchen popped into my inbox, I just couldn't say no!

Giraffe is currently running a promotion where if you buy five of the world tapas dishes for £24.95 after 5pm, you get a free bottle of wine. Quite frankly, this is an absolute bargain. A decent bottle of wine in a restaurant often costs that by itself!

I took my friend Ella along with me to try the tapas. Now, I will drink any wine but red, but she much prefers sweet wine. We explained this to the waitress and she brought along a lovely, sweet rose for us to try before we committed. Thankfully her suggestion was perfect as the rose went down a treat with both of us.

The five tapas dishes we ordered were the Garlic and Rocket Flatbread, the Patatas Bravas, Gyoza, Beef Tacos and Chorizo. Alongside this, we also got some Sweet Potato Fries and Topped Home Fries.

We didn't have to wait long for our food to arrive and believe me, it was difficult not to inhale the whole lot! Each dish was very well presented, and the portion sizes were absolutely perfect for sharing. My particular favourite was the Chorizo - it was cooked to perfection and the marinade was really tasty.

Our dining experience was completed by the friendly service and great atmosphere in the restaurant. It's really modern with an edgy cool vibe going on. Definitely the kind of place I like to eat in.

There are branches of Giraffe World Kitchen all around the UK and most seem to be running the five tapas and a bottle of wine promotion. If you like trying different foods from around the world and fancy a really great value evening meal, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit!

I was invited to try the food at Giraffe in Reading free of charge in return for a review on this blog. However, I would happily go back again and pay the £24.95. It's SO worth it!