Whilst it's a bit of a cliche, I personally feel there is no better time to check in on your goals than the New Year. Everyone is in that lovely fresh start mindset and there's more motivation knocking around than there is at other times in the year. With this in mind, I thought it was about time I took a look at my 30 Before 30 goals to see how I'm doing.

1) Pay off my credit card and Very account and cancel them both - COMPLETE!

So unbelievably pleased that I have managed to complete this goal. However, I've decided to keep my credit card around for emergencies. I feel I've matured enough in the past year or so to really stick to only using it in a genuine emergency. For example if my landlord decided to sell my house and I had to move out. My Very account has been closed though. Go me!

2) Pass my driving test - incomplete

Unfortunately getting the funds together and removing my fears so I can actually book some driving lessons hasn't happened yet. However my finances will be much better in February and I'm feeling a little motivated to drive at the moment so perhaps this year is the year? 

3) Get a car - incomplete

Obviously this isn't going to happen until goal 2 is complete!

4) Save £5000 - incomplete

Unfortunately I see this goal as being very unlikely to be completed. Life is just so darn expensive, as are my other goals! I don't know where I'm meant to find money to save at the moment.

5) Visit Asia - incomplete

This certainly won't be happening this year as I don't have enough annual leave left! Perhaps I'll manage to fit a little trip to Thailand in next year...

6) Go somewhere in the USA that isn't New York - in progress!!

As most people are sick of hearing by now, I have a trip to the US booked later this year and not one of the states I am visiting is New York. Hooray!

7) Visit somewhere on mainland Europe I haven't been before - incomplete

Like my Asia goal, this unfortunately won't happen this year due to my lack of annual leave. Sad times!

8) Go to Versailles - incomplete

Finances permitting, it would be quite nice to sneak a little weekend trip to Paris at some point this year. We'll see...

9) Go abroad alone - in progress!!

I will actually be flying to Seattle alone in June so here's another one I know will be ticked off soon, yay!

10) Visit 10 new places in the UK - in progress!!

I visited Blackpool for my birthday last year and even though I've been there before, I don't remember it at all so I'm counting this as one of my new places. This year I've already got one trip to a new place in the UK booked so far but it's a surprise for someone so I have to stay quiet about it for now! Hoping to get Scotland in this year too at some point.

11) Go to Stone Henge - COMPLETE

I drove past this in 2016 and decided that was all I needed to see.

12) Go to the Natural History Museum - incomplete

I keep planning to go here before evening events in London but I'm always lacking in the energy. This is one of the easiest goals I've set myself so I'd be surprised if I don't manage it this year.

13) Go to a theme park - COMPLETE

I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for my birthday in 2017. Unfortunately I chickened out of some of the larger rollercoasters, so I would like to try this goal again at some point - but I did go on some rides and spent all day in the park so it's complete for now.

14) Spend a birthday in Aberystwyth - incomplete

Obviously Blackpool Pleasure Beach isn't in Aber so this hasn't happened yet. It probably won't this year either as my birthday is very close to my US trip.

15) Go swimming in the sea - COMPLETE

I did this on my trip to Benidorm!

16) Have a professional massage - incomplete

I was determined to make this happen in December because I had three weeks off work and wanted to visit the new Thames Lido. However, in the end, my need to purchase Christmas presents for other people won and I put this goal on hold. Maybe this year...!

17) Read 260 books - in progress!!

I'm not quite on track to hit this goal but I am reading books on a regular basis so I feel confident I'll catch up and smash this goal when the time comes.

18) Sit on the Iron Throne - incomplete

I really need to sit down and work out how I'm gonna pull this one off. Watch this space.

19) Grow my nails until they sit over the end of my finger and keep them like that until at least the day after my 30th birthday - in progress!!

Whilst I have improved significantly on the nail biting front, I still have a long way to go. Every now and again I still find myself with my fingers absentmindedly stuck in my mouth and my growing nails ruined. However, so far, so good in 2018. I've yet to bite or break a nail.

20) Try out a high ropes course - incomplete

I have a sneaking suspicion I was fishing for adventurous sounding goals when I wrote this one down. It's not something that interests me as much anymore but I won't give up on it completely, it's just not a priority for me anymore.

21) Go camping - in progress!!

I will be camping in both the US and Cornwall this year, hooray!

22) Go to a fireworks display on Bonfire Night - COMPLETE

Last year I spent Bonfire Night at a bonfire with my youngest siblings and it was lovely.

23) Attend a Halloween celebration in fancy dress - incomplete

I am praying that this year is the year I get to do this but somehow I always end up at Wednesday 13 gigs on Halloween instead...

24) Take my youngest siblings on a day trip - incomplete

This will probably be more feasible when I have a car so it's on hold for now.

25) Go see a band/artist I haven't seen before - incomplete

I keep booking tickets for bands I've already seen instead, oops! Tragically due to work and finances I missed Lana del Rey when she was in London and I am DEVASTATED, even more so because she did an Insta live and I asked her about coming back to London and she said not for ages. At least she answered my question though?!

26) Join a gym - COMPLETE

I am marking this goal complete even though I don't actually visit the gym, I just use my membership to swim! It's still exercise and still meets the point of setting this as a goal.

27) Complete an Instagram photo challenge - SCRAPPED

I've decided to scrap this goal because it's forced creativity and I don't wanna do that to myself anymore!

28) Try horse riding - SCRAPPED

Like the high ropes course, I think I was just reaching for cool-sounding goals when I wrote this down and I'm not at all interested in it anymore. I'd clearly been playing too much Star Stable.

29) Go to the theatre - COMPLETE

I went to see a production of The Great Gatsby in Bracknell. I am also going to the theatre to see The League of Gentlemen in September, hooray!

30) Take up a non-internet based hobby - incomplete

I am not sure what this will be so who knows if I'll get round to completing this goal.

Scrapped: 2
Not completed: 15
In progress: 6
Completed: 7

Altogether, I'm pretty happy with my progress. Seven completed goals seems excellent and I'm glad I've got six more on the go. I think with my "Visit 10 New Places in the UK" goal I need to get a move on though as just one new place isn't so great.

I'm planning to keep my 30 Before 30 page updated regularly so you can check back there if you're interested.