Each year, I like to give myself a "Word of the Year" to set my intentions for the year and have an anchor to come back to when I forget what I want to get out of the next 12 months. For example, my 2016 Word of the Year was "Me" and I spent the year making my own decisions and living my life for myself as opposed to letting others influence me too much. Last year, my word was "Think" because I made a few poor decisions in 2016 and I hoped that having "Think" as my theme for the year would minimise that. Luckily, it did!

So, what is my 2018 word of the year? This year I have chosen "Live". In most of my posts this year already I've mentioned my sudden realisation that I'm never going to get where I want to be with careful planning and instead need to start taking action to make my dreams a reality. I'm hoping that by setting "Live" as my theme for the year it will remind me to do just that, live, instead of sitting around and planning to live eventually.

Of course, I'm anticipating this won't be too difficult with the number of plans I've already set myself. Afternoon tea, hen parties and an epic trip around eight states in America just to name a few! However I'm well aware that life can't be all action, all the time so I will be taking extra care this year to make sure I am truly partaking in self care. After all, it's hard to live if you've driven yourself into the ground with exhaustion.

How I will incorporate "Live" into my daily life:

  • Put self care at the top of my priority list: when I need a rest, I will rest, when I need fresh air and exercise, I will get fresh air and exercise
  • I will make an effort to incorporate healthier food into my diet so that I have the energy and health to live 
  • I will say yes to exciting plans 
  • I will throw myself into all the exciting plans I've already made and be present and happy when they are happening 
Do you set yourself a word of the year? Share your blog posts with me!