Goodness me, it feels like January is going on forever! Judging by social media, it looks like I'm not alone in that feeling either. The slowness of the month hasn't been helped by the fact that my last pay day was six weeks ago and for two weeks, I had a nasty cough and cold that would just not shift. The one good thing about feeling under the weather is that I've had plenty of time to watch TV...

Van Helsing Season 2 
One of the best things I had the pleasure of watching in 2017 was Van Helsing. A TV show based on a character from one of the greatest books of all time with a strong female lead? Obviously I had to watch it. I was delighted when I switched Netflix on during one of my sick days and noticed season two had landed and I managed to get it all done over the course of two days. Part of me is very sad I watched it so quickly because it's going to be a long time now before I get anymore!

For those not in the know, Van Helsing takes place in a post-apocalyptic Seattle. Vanessa Helsing has awoken from a coma to find her daughter missing and the US overrun by vampires after Yellowstone erupted. It's certainly not for the faint hearted, and it's not one to watch if you want to feel uplifted. It is however some insanely exciting, gripping TV and the plot has many intriguing twists and turns.

Grimm Season 6
Last year, I spent a good portion of my time watching Grimm seasons one to five. I'd started watching this show a few years back but for some reason it failed to capture my attention the first time round and I soon forgot about it. The second time round however...well. I became obsessed with this story of a fairy tale monster fighting detective in Portland.

Naturally, when the sixth and final season finally landed on Netflix, it was a bittersweet moment. I was ecstatic to finally watch it, but sad because I knew it was the last season. I watched it over the course of the week and spent the finale in floods of tears. The ending was incredibly cheesy, but I felt it was the perfect end to a show I thoroughly enjoyed.

Other things I'm in the middle of watching are Vikings season 5, Lucifer season 3 and Riverdale season 2 and, like everyone else with a Netflix account right now, FRIENDS! As usual, I like to wait until I've finished a season to give my thoughts - see you next month!