One of my resolutions this year is to blog relatively regularly. Of course, this was also my resolution in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 but I've got a good feeling about this year! Because I'm intending to blog consistently, I thought I'd set out my intentions for the blog over the course of the year. This will help keep me focused and motivated, but also give you an idea of what to expect from The Glitter Vixen in 2018.

When to expect content
My current plan is to try and publish a new post every other day. However, I'd much rather only publish content I am truly happy with so occasionally, I may skip days to give me more time to share something I really want to share. 

What content to expect
I'm hoping to shake my usual content up a little this year. I'll be exploring this in more depth in a later post, but towards the end of 2017 I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. I'm in the process of trying different medications to help with the pain, but I'm also going straight to the source and altering my diet. This is a process I want to share on the blog because it will help me keep track of what is going on, but it will also hopefully help others in the same boat.

That being said, here are the topics and types of post I intend to publish on The Glitter Vixen this year:

  • Health, food and fitness (Operation Supervixen): updates on my IBS journey, what has worked and not worked with my diet, recipes, my fitness journey
  • Style: new additions to my wardrobe, outfit ideas, style wishlists
  • Beauty: product reviews
  • Lifestyle: life in Reading, days out, restaurants, books I've read, things I've watched
  • Travel: my USA trip, my Cornwall trip, any other trips I take
  • The Vixen Thinks: my usual "opinion column" type series is here to stay!

What content I hope to be able to include later in the year
Regular readers of the blog will probably notice that I didn't mention outfit posts in the types of post I intend to publish this year. I had intended to take a large number of outfit posts over the Christmas period to store up and use but unfortunately due to being busy with my family and catching a very nasty cold, this didn't happen.

Outfit posts are my favourite type of post, but they are also the hardest to create to the standard that I like. I'm hoping that at some point this year, I figure out a way to start publishing them again. It's a case of finding a regular photographer, or finding somewhere cool where I'm confident enough to use my tripod.

Monetised content  
As mentioned in my "Hello 2018" post, I have a lot of plans this year. These plans require funds, so I'm going to be using a few affiliate links here and there on the blog. These will always be clearly indicated.

Extra things
I believe last year I spoke about my intentions to start a newsletter - it's something I might actually get round to in 2018!

Are you a blogger? What are your 2018 blog plans?