Outfit Details:
Dress, Belt and Shoes: Primark

Photos by Lauren of Blonde Vision

I recently made the decision to unfollow Primark on Instagram. Why did I come to this decision? I was fed up of seeing clothes on there that aren't actually available in UK stores! Without fail, every single time they posted something I would have liked to buy, it wasn't available here. One such item was the dress featured in today's post, so imagine my excitement when I saw it popping up on the Instagrams of a few UK bloggers! I quickly rushed to my own local Primark, just to be disappointed that I couldn't find it. Eventually, I went home to Yorkshire for Christmas, and was lucky enough to find it in the giant Leeds Primark. Hooray!

I love this dress so much that even though it's quite extravagant, I've already managed to wear it three times: Christmas, Boxing Day and for Afternoon Tea. Every time I wear it, I feel much more sophisticated and put together than I actually am. Maxi dresses aren't really something I've embraced in the past, but this is actually my second lace maxi dress and I think because they're sheer and I can wear a short dress underneath, I've finally found a way to make longer dresses work for me. 

Unfortunately, at 5 foot 2, this dress is incredibly long on me and it actually drags along the floor. Whilst this wasn't such an issue wearing it around the house over Christmas, I knew it was going to drive me mad when it got its first outing outside of the house. I'm sadly not handy with a needle and thread, so altering it wan't an option, and I've now completely given up heels that are more than an inch in height, so what was I to do?!

Eventually, it finally clicked that I could wear a waist belt and tuck the excess dress into that. I already owned three waist belts, so I tried them all on and sent pictures to my sister. I wasn't really sold on any of them, especially the one she said looked the best. 

A few days later, I was in Primark when I found myself in the belt section. There was an entire stand dedicated to reduced belts at £1-4ish each, around half of which were waist belts! As soon as I saw this velvet, corset style belt for just a quid, with just one size (my size!) left, I knew I'd found the one. I ran home and showed my sister, and she agreed! 

At first I was quite miffed about having to wear a belt with it, but now I'm happy, and it also makes it look like I put thought into my outfit rather than just throwing a dress on!

Do you have any dresses that just make you feel GREAT? What are they like?