I first tried a liquid lipstick a few years ago and I haven't looked back since. I find them to be much more long lasting than traditional lipsticks, and when they say matte, they actually mean matte.

But unfortunately, super matte and super matte alone gets boring after a while, so when I saw metallic liquid lipsticks growing in popularity, I knew I had to get my hands on some.

The obvious choice was the Matte Me Up Metallic Lip Kits by Barry M. These kits are vegan and cruelty free, available on the high street and really affordable - exactly what I look for in my makeup. The shades I went for were Avant Garde (purple), Couture (rose gold) and Allure (deep pink).

Each kit comes in a cute metallic box that matches the shade of the product inside. As you'd expect in a lip kit, there's a liquid lipstick in the box with a matching lipliner.

Unfortunately, I don't think the lip liners are that great. I never bother using the Couture lip liner, because it's so pale, I don't feel like there's any point. The other two have a lot more pigment to them, but unlike some other lip liners I own, they're very hard and it can be difficult to draw a smooth, accurate line with them. On warmer days they're a bit easier to work with.

The lipsticks themselves however have become my fast favourites. Couture is a lovely, shimmery nude pink with golden shine running through it that I wear almost daily. You don't need much product to get an opaque layer on the lips. Of the three shades I bought, unfortunately, Couture is the least long lasting but I find this is the case with all lighter shades of lipstick, no matter what the brand is.

Allure is the next most worn lipstick I own, a deeper, more fuschia based metallic pink. When I'm not wearing Couture for work, it's usually this one that I'm wearing instead. Providing I don't need eat or drink an excessive amount, I can get a good six hours wear out of this lipstick before it needs a top up.

I get fewer opportunities to wear Avant Garde, but I try to take the opportunity whenever it arises! Being such a dark purple, it's a little harder to work with. The lip liner is essential here to keep the lipstick in check! I find Avant Garde slightly less metallic than Couture and Allure, but there's still a definite hint of shimmer to it. The best thing about Avant Garde is it last all day (or all night!), even if you're eating and drinking.

As a trio, I'm very happy with these lipsticks. I like the formula a lot, I love the shades I picked and the lasting power is pretty decent. I also think the price point they come in at is affordable and well worth it.

Have you tried the Barry M lip kits? I'm thinking of picking up some matte shades next.