This must be a first since I first started writing my monthly roundups of the TV shows I've been watching, but this month, I haven't finished a single TV show. Sure, I've been keeping up with my weeklies (Riverdale, Lucifer) and I've had Friends on in the background a lot, but binge watching is something I've lost interest in.

So, instead of writing a round up of the things I watched this month, I thought I'd share some of the TV shows I loved during my time off blogging last year.

A man uproots his entire family and moves them into the Missouri Ozarks after promising to launder millions for a cartel 

When I first saw the trailer to this, I thought it had a kinda Breaking Bad vibe to it - you know, father going to extreme lengths to provide for his family. I also thought Ozark seemed quite funny, so I added it to my to watch list.

Despite being wrong - it is not like Breaking Bad, and whilst the show certainly has funny moments, it's also pretty damn dark in places, I am so glad I watched this TV show. It's got a great story, a range of different and interesting characters and it has somehow added to add yet another destination to my bucket list.

I really recommend this show and I can't wait for the next season. Just don't watch it on a train like I did. I apologise to everyone who was on that train and confronted by unexpected boobs.

Santa Clarita Diet
A Santa Clarita family is turned upside down when a mysterious vomiting bug leaves Mom craving human flesh 

First thing's first, Drew Barrymore's hair in this show is INSANE. It's so long, it's the perfect colour, and I spent a lot of time distracted by how jealous her hair makes me.

If you can get past the beauty of Drew, Santa Clarita Diet is a great show. It's got quite short episodes which I actually quite like these days as it's good for after work viewing. Despite the obvious violence that comes alongside a show about people eating people, Santa Clarita Diet is a very bright, sunny and funny TV show. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition between the, if you really think about it, horrifying story line, and the comedy.

I'm looking forward to the turn it will take in season two.

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling! A group of interesting women sign up to be a part of a new wrestling show - based on a real life wrestling show! 

Definitely not a show for you if you don't like silly, often controversial, humour. Another one with quite short episodes, so it's great if you're strapped for time. I liked the different range of characters in this show and it was nice to watch some light hearted and human for a change.

Alias Grace
Based on a true story and a book by Margaret Atwood. A young girl is imprisoned after the inhabitants of the house she was a maid at are all brutally murdered - the twist is, she's not quite sure whether she was responsible or not 

I sat down and watched this entire mini series in a day. I did this because I was desperate to know the truth of what happened. If you like to have a definitive answer, don't watch this show...!

Sadly, the problem with TV shows based on real life mysteries that were never solved is that the ending of the TV show is always going to feel like a cop out.

That being said, I did really enjoy Alias Grace. I found it very engaging and the Grace/Mary scene towards the end was INCREDIBLE.

The Mist
Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name - The Mist is a horror series about a town that falls into chaos when an unnatural mist falls 

I've never actually read a Stephen King book before, but I have seen the film adaptation of The Mist before. The ending of that film was one of the most frustrating and heartbreaking things I'd seen at the time, so I was expecting something similar for the TV show.

However, I found the vibe of the TV adaptation had a very, very different vibe to it. Having not read the book, I don't know if the TV show was a closer adaptation or not. The TV show is definitely creepier and more sinister. I was expecting to find it a bit too much for me, but I am actually really disappointed to find out the show has been cancelled after just one season.

Orphan Black
A young woman watches her doppelganger commit suicide and assumes her life, inadvertently finding herself in the middle of a massive conspiracy 

Orphan Black is hands down one of the best TV shows I have EVER watched. I cannot believe it took me so long to get round to it. I binged all of it in an incredibly short amount of time because I just couldn't get enough of it.

Whilst the story line is truly fantastic, what I liked best about Orphan Black was Tatiana Maslany's performance. She plays multiple characters in the TV show and I was truly blown away by how she managed to make all these characters seem like completely different people. It got to the point where I kept trying to Google who was playing the clones because I would genuinely forget they were all Tatiana. I've never seen anything like it.

Do you have any recommendations of binge-worthy TV shows?