Last year, to ensure I actually wrote some blog posts, I made the decision to invest in some stock images. This allowed me to post much more regularly than I would have done had I not done this, and gave me the opportunity to really focus on my writing, which is why I started blogging in the first place.

However, as 2017 went on, I realised I felt like my blog was losing a bit of its personality. After all, there are some many blogs out there nowadays, that everyone's USP (unique selling point) is themselves, and I was out there not even using images I'd taken myself. In fact, the website where I obtained my stock photos was very good one, which also meant it was very popular, and I noticed a few bloggers I was following had clearly made the same investment.

I decided it was time to start taking my own photos again.

What was holding me back, was my lack of pretty things to include in flatlays. I knew if I was going to reignite my interest in photography and get my blog looking the way I wanted it to again, I needed to invest in some props. I didn't want to go mad and buy things for the sake of buying things, but I wanted enough things to create my own little stock image library. I wanted to buy props I'd both use in real life and be able to use to create a set of images that would be easily recognisable as mine.

Naturally the theme was going to be pink, and I set out to buy things I like to see in other people's photography. My first point of call was eBay and Wilkos for artificial flowers. As nice as it would be to use fresh flowers in all my photographs, I don't have money to buy a fresh set every time I need new photos!

I bought the pink and white rose bunch from Wilkos, whereas my lillies, peonies and rose petals are all eBay.

Primark was another obvious destination for me. Here I picked up an affordable white fleece throw to use as a backdrop because I knew I wanted a relatively plain backdrop so the props would be the obvious focus of the photo. Primark is also where I bought my sets of fairy lights. Completely by accident, I also noticed that Primark has a great selection of very pretty notebooks, so I picked up three of these.

I've also started including things I already had lying around at home. Jewellery, trinkets and old photographs for example. I hope you're enjoying my new photography, I know I am!