Long gone are the days where the only makeup I wore was foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Yep, I'm cringing too just thinking about the fact that there was a time where the idea of blusher and lipstick horrified me. As for highlighter, well, back then I didn't even know it existed.

Now, highlighter is one of my favourite makeup items. I love a decent bit of shimmer and on special occasions I like to shine bright enough to guide ships into harbour.

I decided to pick up these two MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters in Pearlescent Sheen and Iridescent Gold after going to Benidorm with my sister last year. At the time I'd recently donated most of my makeup collection to my sisters in a bid to minimise the ridiculous number of possessions I had and I only had one highlighter left that I didn't even like that much. As we were getting ready for our first evening out, I noticed how great her highlight looked and asked if I could borrow some. She handed me the MUA Highlighter in Iridescent Gold.

After using my sister's highlighter every day during our holiday, I decided it was probably time to pick my own up once we were back in the UK. While in Superdrug, I picked up the Iridescent Gold shade my sister uses, but also noticed that I really liked the look of Pearlescent Sheen as well.

So, did I still like the highlighter now I had one of my own?

The answer is yes! For just £3 each, these are great highlighters. The packaging is a bit flimsy (I've broken the fastening on one of the lids), but other than that I have no complaints. The highlighters look pretty in the pan and on the skin. You can create any look you like, from a subtle glow to seriously sparkly. Iridescent Gold is perfect for parties, whilst Pearlescent Sheen is great if you want to look ethereal. Both shades have really good lasting power - they're still there when I get home from work. Pearlescent Sheen is slightly more pigmented than Iridescent Gold, but it's barely noticeable.

I'd recommend these highlighters to anyone on a budget.