As much as I love the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, at nearly £30 a pop, it's not a foundation I can keep repurchasing every time it runs out. I'm also unsure how I feel about Urban Decay being owned by Loreal and their website isn't very transparent about which products are vegan. So, my hunt for the perfect foundation began anew.

Discovering one that met my new cruelty free and vegan requirements was actually not that difficult. Every single time I logged onto Facebook, I was confronted by an ad from The Body Shop that featured their Matte Clay Foundation. In the ad, all the women featured looked slightly like they were wearing masks which should have put me off, but in fact, it was their mask like faces that got me interested in this foundation. Mask like = full coverage!

I was shocked to discover that this foundation was just £10. The Body Shop isn't really somewhere I've shopped before and I had it in my head that it was super expensive. The tube looks quite small, but it's actually got the same amount of product inside as my beloved UD foundation and being a tube, it means I can cut it open and get every last drop out.

Unfortunately, I am slightly disappointed by this foundation. You have to build up a few layers and use a lot of product to get full coverage. It also wears off in around four hours - but not evenly. I am forever catching sight of myself in the mirror at work and being horrified at my naked chin and nose, whilst the rest of my makeup is immaculate still. That being said, even the UD foundation didn't last well on my nose. I'm sure other regular glasses wearers can empathise with this problem!

However, the foundation isn't all bad. Once you get the hang of applying it in layers, the coverage is very nice. It really evens out my skin tone, hides my acne scarring and mostly masks the redness of any new breakouts - see the photo above, there's a brand new spot on my chin! There's no strong smell to the foundation and it doesn't break me out. With the exception of my chin and my nose, my base tends to last all day.

To get around the disappearing chin coverage, I've bought myself a little concealer and powder from The Body Shop, so I can touch it up during the day. Because there's a workaround, I will be repurchasing this foundation when it runs out, so it's obviously not too bad!