As we get older, we all grow out of things. We get too big for our clothes, we get bored of playing with Barbie dolls and we stop crying for our mummies when something slightly inconvenient happens.

We grow out of other things too, some of which, I am particularly glad about. I will admit there are days where I wish I could go back to playing in the park and cuddling Cheezer (see the picture above!) for comfort, but here are some things that I am so glad I grew out of.

The idea that someone has to know every single song off by heart, including obscure, unreleased songs, if they're gonna wear a band tshirt 
I recently noticed that Primark has started selling band tshirts, like Guns N Roses and AC/DC. In fact, there was a Nirvana one a few months ago that I really regret not buying.

The thing is, just a few years ago, this would have infuriated me because it inevitably leads to people who wear these tshirts as a fashion statement, rather than people wearing the shirts because they really like the band.

Now that I'm a bit older, and I hope a bit wiser, I've realised that in the grand scheme of things, this is a really petty and silly thing to get annoyed about. Who cares if someone wears a Guns N Roses tshirts when the only song they've heard is Sweet Child O Mine?  It literally has no impact on my life.

Assuming I'm being copied if someone else likes the same obscure bands as me 
In my early/mid teens, I finally started to develop my own music taste that wasn't based on what my friends or my brother were listening to. I was incredibly proud of my discoveries, which often consisted of bands that were not very well known at all in the circles I ran in. However, rather than being excited when two girls at school started showing up wearing the same band shirts as me, I immediately got very defensive. They were my bands, how DARE these girls copy me?! There's noooo way they could have discovered them by themselves, they were clearly obsessed with me.

I'm super embarrassed that this was my mindset now and these days, if I spot someone in a Sleater-Kinney top or a Murderdolls hoodie, I go crazy and desperately try to think of non-creepy ways to approach them and make friends with them.

Drinking alcohol that tastes gross 
When I first started getting drunk, I would drink whatever I could get my hands on for the sake of getting drunk, even if it was something that is absolutely vile like vodka and energy drink, blergh. Like most..erm, young adults, when it came to alcohol, it was being drunk that counted, not drinking alcohol because you enjoyed the taste.

I'm pleased to say that now, even on the nights where I genuinely do want to be SMASHED, I make sure I do it drinking only drinks I really love. No more vodka for me! Just pink moscato wine, rum cocktails and fruity cider for me please.

Being obnoxious in public 
I don't know about you, but as a teenager, I was loud and obnoxious in public. I distinctly remember getting on the train to Manchester one day with a group of friends and loudly declaring how disgusting and selfish it was when lone travellers sat at the tables of four on the train. Multiple people offered to let me and my friends sit at the table they were on, and I declined with a sickeningly fake smile on my face saying no no it's quite alright despite my outburst which everyone on the train - not just that carriage - will have heard. WHY was I like that?!

Did you have any embarrassing or just plain awful habits when you were a little younger? What are you glad you grew out of?