A few months ago, I spotted an advert on my Facebook feed for a "Preloved Kilo" event. At this point, I'd never heard of a vintage kilo sale in my life and was intrigued by the idea. Basically, at a vintage kilo sale, you are given a bag and access to a room full of clothing. You then fill the bag with clothing you like and pay a fixed price per kilogram of clothing you pick up. At the Preloved Kilo event, the price per kilo was just £15.

The event was way back in September now, but I wear everything I picked up on a regular basis and I just had to share my bargains with the world. Preloved Kilo hold regular events all across the UK so it's worth checking out their Facebook page to see if there's one near you soon. Other organisations also hold these types of sale, so it's well worth a Google.

Here's what I picked up:

There was a whole stand of massive, cosy looking jumpers to root through and when I saw this funky 80s patterned one in my favourite colours, pink and black, obviously I had to have it. Jumpers are of course a risky choice when you're paying for things by weight, but I still paid way less than I would have done at somewhere like Topshop.

Next point of call was the dress rail, which was super long! It took me a good long time to work my way through it. I picked up a lot of dresses, but in the end, it was only this pink and black number that came home with me. I tried others on but the fit wasn't right or I wasn't sure how I would work it into my wardrobe. It doesn't matter though because the dress I did take home is now one of my favourite outfits ever. I was so lucky that it fits so well and it makes me feel really cute. The only annoying thing about it is it requires a lot ironing - it seems to crease just as soon as I look at it.

After dresses, it was time to stock up on blouses. During uni I was known for my collection of shirts and blouses, but after putting on weight in the past few years (and growing a set of boobs, at last, hooray!), none of my blouses from that part of my life fit me anymore. Blouses are super light, so at £15 a kilogram, I knew this was the perfect time to restock my wardrobe with my signature item.

I think the blouse selection my favourite part of the day. It was a seriously hard task trying to limit myself to a sensible number that I would actually wear on a regular basis. Naturally, all but one of the ones that made the cut were pink. The black and white polka dot one however, is super cute.

I also looked at skirts, but unfortunately none of the ones I liked were the right size for me. That's just the luck of the draw with this kind of event! All in all, my sack of clothes was under 2kg, and I paid around £26 for it. I couldn't be happier with my little haul!

Here are some mirror pictures of the outfits I've created with my buys (I regularly share the outfits I wear over on my Instagram stories):

Preloved Kilo is coming to Reading again in April, just in time to stock up on clothes for my USA trip. I can't wait!