30 Before 30

On my 25th birthday, I set myself 30 goals I want to achieve before my 30th birthday. The ultimate goal is to live the life I want to live and feel happy and content that I am living my life as fully as I can. This page keeps track of my goals: what they are, and how I am progressing with them.

In Progress

  1. Pay off my credit card and Very account and cancel them both
  2. Pass my driving test
  3. Get a car 
  4. Save £5000 
  5. Visit Asia
  6. Go to somewhere in the USA that isn't New York
  7. Visit somewhere on mainland Europe that I haven't been to before
  8. Go to Versailles
  9. Go abroad alone
  10. Visit 10 new places in the UK
  11. Go to Stone Henge 
  12. Go to the Natural History Museum
  13. Go to a theme park 
  14. Spend a birthday in Aberystwyth
  15. Go swimming in the sea
  16. Have a professional massage
  17. Read 260 books
  18. Sit on the Iron Throne
  19. Grow my nails until they sit over the end of my finger and keep them like that until at least the day after my 30th birthday
  20. Try out a high ropes course 
  21. Go camping
  22. Go to a fireworks display on Bonfire Night
  23. Attend a Halloween celebration in fancy dress
  24. Take my youngest siblings on a day trip 
  25. Go see a band/artist I haven't seen before 
  26. Join a gym
  27. Complete an Instagram photo challenge
  28. Try horse riding 
  29. Go to the theatre 
  30. Take up a non-internet based hobby