The Glitter Vixen is a personal blog written by Emily Jane Garthwaite. The opinions expressed on this blog are just that, opinions. They are my own and they are honest - I do not accept payment in any form to make things appear more favourable than they are. I do not claim to be an expert in any of the topics I choose to write about.

I use a mixture of photographs I have taken myself and stock photography. For this reason, you may not use any of my images without written permission (via email). Using my image and giving me credit is not permission. If you do wish to use any of the images that appear on this blog, please send me an email about the image in question. If the image in question is a stock photo, I will let you know where it can be purchased. If an image appears here that you believe to be yours, please get in touch and I will remove it or add credit as per your request.

Comments on this blog are open and I welcome constructive criticism and feedback. Any abuse however, will not be tolerated.

From time to time, you may notice asterisks* in my posts. Occasionally I receive products from companies and may receive compensation for certain posts. I aim to make it clear which posts these are. Payment or other compensation will not affect how honest my blog posts are.

Affiliate links also appear in my posts and in my sidebar. When I choose to use affiliate links on my blog, I only do so for products or companies I truly believe in, want to support and believe my readers would benefit from. Posts containing affiliate links will clearly state this.

Although I talk about and review makeup, skincare and other health and beauty items on this blog, I am not an expert or qualified in any of these areas. When I write about these products, I am speaking as a consumer with my own personal experiences. While I try my best to be as honest and descriptive as possible in my views, the truth is we all have different skin types, different tolerances to certain ingredients and for various reasons, products that work for me, might just not work for you. On the same level, what works for you might not work for me! I've lost count of the times I've bought a products after I read about it on another blog, just to find I didn't have the same results at all. I cannot be held responsible if you do not gain the same results as me when using a product. 

Before contacting me, please keep in mind that my blog is a hobby I partake in during my spare time and so there may be a delay in me getting back to you. To save us both time, I do not accept guest posts or content written by people other than myself.

Finally, please note that although I happily display my email address on this blog, doing so it NOT permission for you to add me to your mailing list.

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